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I realize that here in the Northeast we’ve been having a very mild winter (with the not so small exception of Superstorm Sandy), but still, I am eagerly anticipating the onset of spring.  It seems that January always finds me daydreaming about tulips and t-shirts.  So, I guess I’ll begin my 2013 blogging with a homage to a warmer time…

In the little city of Lambertville where I live, we have a very distinct way to celebrate the season’s change.  Being located on the Delaware River (which I can almost see – if it weren’t for all those trees – out my 2nd floor kitchen window), we witness the mass spawning of American Shad every year at April’s end.  I must not be the only one who delights in this telling symbol of spring because the streets fill up with people reveling in Shadfest – a street fair to honor our fishy friends and the passing of another winter.  There are food vendors, arts and crafts displays, beer tastings at the local brewery, and even a rubber duck race down the canal.  And, because Lambertville is a rather artistic place, there is also a Shadfest poster exhibition and auction with donations of original works by local folks.

Last year I participated in this project – all proceeds from the auction go to undergraduate art scholarships for students from local high schools pursuing careers in the visual arts.  Here are some images of my submission…

I drew a quirky little line drawing of my house:Image

Then I spent some time cutting it out of paper:


And here is the final product:


I had so much fun making this house portrait.  Writing about it now, I’m inspired to make a series of house portraits in various architectural styles.  Look out for a future post along these lines…