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I have been over the moon for Carsie Blanton ever since I saw her play at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia’s Old City about 7 or 8 years ago. She opened for Jeffrey Gaines, who was unfortunately not worth seeing (his cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” is his only claim to fame for good reason), but the show was redeemed by the fact that this itty-bitty cute-as-a-button curly mop-haired girl played a rockin’ folk and jazz inspired set to kick things off.

Carsie Blanton

Carsie Blanton

I accidentally saw her again in Charlottesville, VA at a downtown bookstore / music venue whose name escapes me – she opened for Devon Sproule. Although Sproule was infinitely more satisfying than Gaines, I was still more impressed with the quirky sprite whose music is spellbinding both lyrically and rhythmically.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually buy one of her albums.  About three weeks ago, I FINALLY bought her recent release, Idiot Heart (2012), and I can’t stop listening to it:

Carsie Blanton's Idiot Heart album cover

Carsie Blanton‘s Idiot Heart album cover

This album is all about love, missed chances, questionable choices – the human experience.  My husband would probably say it’s chick music, but what does he know?!  My favorite track is “Backbone” – how can you not love the chorus:

show me something I can rely on
or I would rather be alone
you give your heart but I wanna see your

You can buy / listen to it here. Best studio music EVER.